Friday, January 4, 2019

    Brand of the week: Meet Mickey Graphics, A brand of digital excellence and dexterity

    Mickey Graphics is a world class graphics and printing coy with head office in Ilesa. Mickey Graphics is a brand that inks what people thinks and bring creativity to the world of printing and Design. The brand was started in the late 2015 and since then has been giving events more meaning.

    Mickey Graphics provides all of the services listed below and all printing services.
    -          Graphics Design
    -          3D And 2D Design
    -          Mass printing
    -          5,4,3,2,1 Color priting
    -          Programmes
          Business Cards
    -          Gift Items
    -          Banner
    -          SAV, Mesh, Screen printing
    -          Logos, flyers and full branding services
    -          And lots more.

    Mickey Graphics provides fast,colourful and inviting design that adds more meaning to your events. Mickey Graphics provides nationwide delivery. Mickey Graphics is inviting you to check them and see what they’ve got.

    Here are some of their previous designs.

    To contact Mickey Graphics and Prints, You call any of they following telephone numbers
    08131027881 or mail Mickey Graphics and Prints at @themickeygraphics@gmail.com

    Mickey graphics is a place of digital excellence, where they ink what you think with many years of experience and many happy customers. Thanks so much for reading.

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