Hello! Welcome to Notjustbrands.com.  Over the years, the young,wealthy and business oriented minds who started with the zeal of becoming giants whom are able to proffer to solution to the poor state of the country's economy through job creation by establishing their own brands and business have been seen all over quitting their dreams and letting go of their ambition because of the challenges they face which caught them unprepared and lack of support they got from the society.

    Majorly,people who claim to have a brand are ignorant of what the society really needs. They lack the understanding of the brand's customers or what there need is. All we've successfully being seeing for years is just design and logo. A true brand is more than this. Most of the brands out there are on the verge of going into extinction again owing to several reasons of which internal politics and organizational dysfunction cannot be excluded from. The greatest factor is the lack of information and orientation of what a brand truly is and how best to set up and manage one!.

    Having Identified the problem in the branding world,Notjustbrands.com.   is positioned to  provide a platform of expression for every man's idea and Innovations.Notjustbrands.com.   provides solutions to problem in the branding and business world .Rebuilding and revitalizing the dying brands and guiding you through your career. Believing the African Mind can excel in things other than just entertainment.

    The blog is being anchored by professionals who have been familiarized with the digital language and understand majorly everything in the branding world. Welcome to Notjustbrands.com.   Bringing out edifice of hope from the broken pieces of you!